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December 2008
Traditionally Michael Spanuth provided the Annual Circular Letter to the turn of the year.
You can regard the english expenditure here to see it.
The printing version You can see here.
We wish all our friends and relatives a Merry Christmas, a happy New Year 2009 and well as health and success for the New Year.

To german version of the Annual Circula Letter

Our new page for family
the story of the family meeting 2006

08.09.2006 - 16:10

Michael welcome the guests of the family meeting

08.09.2006 - 12:00

The organisational team is now ready to receive the guests of our family reunion meeting!
Our ancestors of SpanUth, Span(n)aus, Span(n)aus und Spanutius will be presented in the cityhall on 60 meter long familytree!

We wish all participants of the family reunion meeting a good journey! About 130 participants will come to Bückeburg

Program for the family meeting 2006
September 8th to 10th
of the families SpanUth, Spanuth, Spannuth, Spanaus, Spannaus, Spanutius
in Bückeburg, Germany-31675, nearby Minden/Westf.

Pre-information about the meeting in 2006
September 8th to 10th

of the families
SpanUth, Spanuth,
Spannuth, Spanaus
Spannaus, Spanutius

in Bückeburg
nearby Minden/Westf.

You can apply here !

March, 12th, 2005 Dirk Spannaus - Interview on the C-Bit - RFID for beginner -

October, 18th, 2004 Our Grandson Finn Leonard Spannaus was born today at 7:53pm. He weights 2550g (6.8 pounds) and is 49cm (1.6 feet) tall.
You can look the first pictures - actally pictures from Halle

March 29th -
April 07th 2003
We, Silke and Roland were for 9 days in vacation in the Zillertal (Uderns) Austria
in the Apartment of the family Bernd and Birgit Spannaus (click the picture).
It is!very beautiful surroundings
Spring and Ski are quite narrow at each other. We have liked it very much.

Sunday, October 06th, 2002 - The second amerikan-german meeting of "Spannaus" in Dresden!
Katherine Kirkland from Pacifica / California Wolfgang with daughter Ann-Christin from Berlin and Roland from Dresden were at the meeting. Some pictures are here seen!

Saturday, August 17th, 2002The flooding in Dresden has been declining since today at noon. The century level of 9.40 m was reached on between 8:00 and 14:00. The Elbe was still about 500 m from our apartment away. We haven't fortunately taken damage.

Saturday, May 04th, 2002 - Dixie in the boxing ring alias Ammonhof Dresden, Germany - "Papa's Finest Boggie-Band" with Frank Spannaus at the Keybord plays and fills with enthusiasm the audience. I meet Frank and we exchange some first family information. Frank's next appearance is in Saxony in Freiberg on June 29th

Monday, April 29th, 2002 Michael Spanuth from Hamburg has the genealogical tables of Span(n)uth and of Span(n)aus from newly revises. You can find this overview under "our ancestors".

Wednesday, April 03th, 2002 - At the moment youngest Spannaus descendant of Hans-Ullrich Spannaus from Halle,
Ine Charlott
was born at 20:08

Sunday, February 17th, 2002 - Some pictures from Dresden of today

Sunday, February 10th, 2002 - The first amerikan-german meeting of "Spannaus" in Berlin!
Tim from Detroit - Wolfgang and Ann-Christin from Berlin - Roland and Silke from Dresden
Do you want to see some pictures?

Thursday, December 27th, 2001
Michael Spanuth is the new World Wide Web Master of "www.spanuth-familie.de". All Span(n)uth's shall find your special native country on this home page. The 5th Family circular was prepared by Michael at the same time. You can find this on the new home page.
Much success wishes Roland

Friday, November 09nd, 2001
Michael Spanuth, our family archivist from Hamburg have made us his overview for the family panels Span(n)uth and Span(n)aus from the visitor's book. You can find this list survey of our ancestor side. This list was built for the first time in 1912 and contains more now as 2000 persons.

Sunday, October 21nd, 2001
We have a mail list of our own now. The everyone, the Intereese at a regular information exchange between Spannaus want to have in the internet, be able to subscribe on the list. All mails which are sent to the list get to all registered list participants. You find the access to the mailing side in the left main screen.

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2001
Our first family connection by internet is found! Katherine Kirkland (Pacifica/California, USA), Kathy Lunger (Carmichael/California, USA) and Wolfgang Spannaus (Berlin/Osterrode, Germany) are related to each other. The ancestor, Johann Christoph Spannaus was born 1783 in Großursleben, Germany.

Monday, August 20th 2001
Meeting today: Spannaus - Spannaus - the FIRST one
Berlin, 15:40: "Ristorante Arleccino" -- Wolfgang Spannaus (Berlin, Osterode) and Roland Spannaus (Dresden) meet each other.
A first step is done to with a short chat about the families. No links are found yet, but both of us agreed, that further investigation will follow. We will process the data and put it on our Side soon.
And -- the SECOND will follow.
Wolfgang + Roland

Saturday, May 05th, 2001
Our forum supplier "http://parsimony.net" has stopped his free supply without advance notice on 5-3-2001. We have safeed the data and will provide her within the next days again. A new forum (empty) is set up! We will likewise change the supplier for the visitor's book.

Sunday, April 22th 2001
We take now informations about single persons at our ancestor side, which cannot be assigned to any pedigree at our ancestor side. Perhaps still find another "Spannaus" your ancestors here. Write us to this under family@spannaus.com!

Sunday, April 08th 2001
Unfortunately, our service provider, STRATO AG, had some failures within the last weeks. Our sides weren't attainable through this for some time. We ask our guests for understanding and hope that the previous stability is achieved again.

Sunday, March 04th 2001
The look at the church registers of Freiberg (Sachs) was successful the day before yesterday! We have found another Spannaus generation. The data are still incomplete, though.
Silke and Roland

Sunday, January 28th, 2001
We have found a description of a coat of arms of the family Spannaus thanks to the cooperation with Michael Spanuth. The description is from a lawyer from Sondershausen of 1934 and can be looked up here. We are grateful for further indications for it.

Saturday, January 20th, 2001
We further have one for generation found the "Spannaus"-family in Saxony. Karl Gotthilf August Spannaus, my old grandfather, was 1849 Sedlitz in Dohna as a royal making author for the wedding of his youngest son into great active Karl Gotthilf August. Both places lie near by Pirna approx. 15 km to the southeast of Dresden.