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Family Meeting 2006 at Bückeburg

Hallo dear relatives of the Span(n)uth and Span(n)aus as well as Spanutius families in Europe and overseas!

Our previous announcement to organize a family reunion meeting in Sept. 2006 has receives tremendous positive response. Up to now, 131 members of the family have announced their participation to the meeting. They are from different areas in Germany, from Argentina (6), Great Britain (6) and USA (7).

For the meeting itself, we have got the opportunity to book a large and very nice facility inside the historical Bückeburg city hall where we find sufficient place for our meeting including service facilities.

Please find below the programm for our family meeting:

Starting Friday, Sept. 8th, 2006, we like to offer to interested genealogists of the family a working meeting to exchange details of our family chronicle and the different ancestor files by using computer technology. In addition, future work sharing cooperations may also be subject to negotiation.

Saturday, Sept. 9th, 2006. Within the foyer of the city hall, we intend to present an overview of our different ancestor tables and explain current and historical details and the various relations within the family and the concerned regions.
The official opening of our family meeting will start at 10:00 o'clock a.m. followed by the little sightseeing walk within the historical town centre of Bückeburg.
After an individual lunchtime and/or break, the regions of our Schaumburg roots are going to be presented in a joint meeting. Information to each little town and valley with relation to our family chronicle will be provided.
After that, we would like ask interested relatives to report about the development of their own family.
For the late afternoon, we have planned a sightseeing tour using the local Bus service owned by our relative Wilhelm Spannuth to travel either thru the northern- or southern part of our Schaumburg region. Participants will see the family related towns and valleys.
The day's program will be completed with a joined supper at the Hotel-Restaurant of Bad Hiddenserborn at Schaumburger forest.

Sunday morning, Sept. 10th, will be to your own disposition. Around noon, we would like to invite all participants to a closing and farewell meeting at the Bückeburg city hall.

Time Schedule

Friday, September 8th, 2006
16.00 h Opening and welcome the guests.
19.00 h Working session, Genealogists of our family to present the results of their previous investigations.
In addition, future joint activities could be negotiated.
Saturday, September 9th, 2006
09.00 h Presentation "Ancestor files and tables" in the foyer of the city hall.
Official registration of all participants and information board.
10.00 h Official opening and welcome to the participants of the family meeting.
Officials of the town of Bückeburg and the Schaumburg region are presenting themselves.
A folkdance group in historical clothing will present their performance.
11.00 h Sightseeing tour thru Bückeburg
12.00 h Individual Lunch time
14.00 h Meeting of the participants at the banquet room of the Bückeburg city hall. The different families are presenting themselves.
Coffee break at abt 15:30 h
18.00 h Panoramatour by bus sightseeing around the Schaumburg region and the living areas of our ancestors.
a) South Schaumburg, via Rinteln and to the Schaumburg castle.
b) North Schaumburg, via Wiedensahl and Stadthagen.
Both Tours are ending at Bad Hiddenserborn.
20.00 h Joint banquet supper at the Hotel-Restaurant Bad Hiddenserborn at the Schaumburg forest.
Bus transfer back to Bückeburg
Sunday, September 10th, 2006
10.00 h Possibility to visit the historical and beautiful castle of Bückeburg, home of the earl of Schaumburg-Lippe, the historical museum or the helicopter museum. To attend to a service at the Bückeburg town chapel.
13.00 h Closing and Farewell meeting. Summary and perspetives.

Hotel accommodations
We have prepared a special hotel guide with different service standards and price levels. Furthermore, room reservations at low cost level have been made especially for families with children at a seminar, training- and family centre located at the Bückeburg hillside Obernkirchen, 14 km away of Bückeburg. The hotel information guide is available on request. Hotel information is also provided at

Informationen about our familie history
We have planned to present to the participants a booklet with Information about this family meeting. Furthermore, we intend to provide a brochure presenting previous and new genealogical findings. It is also planned to have copies of our 1912 family chronicle available for sale.

Expenses and final application
The expenses to be shared by the participants (excluding hotel accommodation and bus sightseeing tour) as well as further detailed information plus application forms for the final participation will be mailed to the participants well in advance. Meanwhile, you are kindly requested to advertise within the family for further participation to the 2006 meeting.

For today, we are sending best wishes to all our relatives and remain
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