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534 Anniversary of the SpanUth family genealogical history

Hello dear relatives around the world in our various given name writings as SPAN(N)UTH SPAN(N)AUS and SPANUTIUS!

The aim of this family circular letter is to inform you that we intend to organize a family meeting in Germany in the beautiful and historical town of Bückeburg, in the region of our family genesis and in the state of Lower Saxonia about 30 km south-east of the state capitol Hannover which is in the north-west part of Germany.

The meeting will take place between the 8. and 10. of September 2006

The organisational team exists of Michael Spanuth from Hamburg, Ernst Spannuth from Bückeburg and Dr. Roland Spannaus from Dresden.

We hope to find further relatives to join the organizational team to keep the heavy planning work for each member within reasonable limits.

The first step will be to contact every family member and friends of the family in Europe and the USA in order to find out the interest of participation to such a meeting. It is realistic that around 100 relatives are coming to the meeting 2006 since the previous family meeting of 1970 at the 500 family anniversary, we had more than 70 relatives participating.

Related to the participating guests, we intend to organize a sufficient conference room as a meeting place where relatives can meet and talk to each other and exchange family stories. The org. team will make a presentation of the overall family and various relatives from the different genealogical trees will present their family history. The historical family tables and documents from our archive will also be made available in detail including those temporary tables, which could not jet have been connected to the main family tree.

For the 2006 meeting there will be also a visiting program available including a visit to the Bückeburg castle with its beautiful historical interior and to the local museum at the town of our roots in Wiedensahl where the roof tree of the Spanuth house of birth of year the 1612 is located.

Participants should bring as many as possible documents and pictures to the meeting of their own family which we may take in copy to the archive.

The town of Bückeburg has also been selected because participants could reach within 20 km the different towns and country places where the different family ancestor homes are located.

Also our team member Ernst Spannuth is living in Bückeburg, he is our local key person to organize our meeting and he has been working on our chronic documentation already since the sixties.

By using the internet media we were able to build up and renew contacts to relatives, please make a visit to or

Here you will also find the international links to our family trees.

For the meeting there will be sufficient hotel accommodation in two standards arranged upon request. Furthermore, for the younger families, maybe with kids, there will be low cost accommodation available at the boyhood training- and study centre at Bückeburg.

In order to cover the organizational costs of the meeting, we need to ask the participants to accept a share of these costs upon registration. The exact amount will be available after final planning and reservations has been completed.

With this today's announcement and invitation we hope very much to receive a positive feedback from hopefully most of all our relatives and we kindly ask you to forward our announcement also to your direct family members because we may not have a contact address to each and every family member.

We also kindly ask you for your comprehension that we like to receive your reply - hopefully with a pre-advise of participation - until end of January 2005. Only after we know the numbers of participants, we can start the concrete detail organization.

You will find an registration form at the below mentioned Internet addresses.

For today, we are sending best wishes to our relatives and friends of the family.

The planning team "Family meeting 2006"
Ernst Spannuth from Bückeburg   Michael Spanuth from Hamburg   Roland Spannaus from Dresden
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Florianstrasse 3
D-31675 Bückeburg

Tel.: +49 (5722) 6112
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  Michael Spanuth
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D-22337 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 (40) 630 1409
Fax: +49 (40) 639 7437
  Dr. Roland Spannaus
Franz-Mehring-Str. 7
D-01237 Dresden

Tel.: +49 (351) 25 40 518
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